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From the beginning

My whole life I have dreamed of living on a farm. But not just any farm...I had been spoiled and grew up just two doors down from my great Uncle Alden's farm: The Farm, or so we called it.

My dad raised Hereford cattle on this farm, along with his uncle. Back when my great grandparents owned the property, they had dairy cows and horses too, but that was well before my time. I loved this place as a kid. Big, beautiful, white farmhouse; 120 acres to roam; and the sugar house where we made maple syrup (my favorite time of year). It was my heaven. I always dreamed of living there...

These photos were taken on two of my many, MANY, walks in the hay field of the farm. Both taken many years before our dream of owning the Farm came true.

When my great uncle passed away, we were given the opportunity to buy the Farm. With luck and hard work, we were able to fix up the home we purchased in Lebanon, NH and sell it, just in time to make everything workout. Now, a full year later, here we are...

...and we could not be happier!


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